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Complaint: Elliot Stone is the type of lawyer who will make you feel good about your case during the initial consultation. However, after you sign the papers and give him his money, everything changes. He starts to talk down to you. He passes off the work he says he was going to do to a 3rd party contractor (read: someone not even apart of his law firm). This 3rd party was the one to actually show up to my formal hearing, with Mr Stone nowhere to be found. He spoke down not only to me but to my Accountant and company Lawyer as well (the both separately told me as much). He treated all of us like idiots during the process of my Bankruptcy. Mr Stone promised to do much more for me after my BK case as well, however. He said he was going to sue the companies that improperly contacted me during my BK. HE LEFT ME HANGING OUT TO DRY!! I contacted him for several months afterwards, to which he happily responded, saying that he was going to help me pursue these cases. I did everything he asked me to, including writing companies after-the-fact to check on the status of my loans and he completely ignored me when the responses arrived. I sent one more email about multiple things that were still unresolved that he said he was going to help me with. He responded, telling me that we could set up a phone meeting for early the next week. I sent two emails back asking for a time and day that I could set aside for sure. He didn’t respond back, nor did I get a call that week. After almost two weeks of no contact (I did call and email him once or twice during this time as well), he finally sent me a rescinding letter. I told him MONTHS before this that if he didn’t want to take my case to tell me then so I could find someone new to help me. Instead, he could have cared less about my personal well-being and my finances that I worked so hard to get in order. Why did it take him so long just to say he didn’t want to represent me anymore? This was the most UNPROFESSIONAL thing I could have ever experienced. I honestly would have never have written this report if he had just told me sooner. He left me in an awful position as I have deadlines approaching that he said he was going to help with and now he left me out to dry at the last minute. WOW.DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH ELLIOT STONE. You will regret it.

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Address: 4570 Campus Drive Newport Beach, California USA

Website: www.stonelawpc.com/

Phone: 949-477-9100

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