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I’ll start with a back story, my ex husband and I were together for almost 11 years (married almost 10) it was NEVER the perfect marriage. We had our lovers spats every now and then, but I was madly in love with him. I mean he adopted my daughter from a previous relationship. And we have two boys together. || See he is a Soldier in the Army and has been to deployed a handful of times. So over the years his disposition changed somewhat. I try and give him space when he needs it and avoid him when he’s in one of his moods. (Come to find out he had PTSD) but I was very understanding and accepting of this new man he has become. || Well this lack of a better word”female dog” out of the blue contacts my husband…. (She was an ex from YEARS before me) And began putting ideas into his head. He started becoming VERY distant with me and the kids, began drinking heavily and shut us all out. Then out of left field asks me for a divorce. I was DEVASTATED!!!! (We were stationed in Alaska and she was in his hometown in Washington) He goes home to Puyallup Washington the day after Christmas and I KNEW, just had a feeling he was with another woman. Because once he asked for the divorce his phone was practically glued to him and wouldn’t let ANYONE touch it… He Ignored me the entire week he was away…. FF a few weeks and I leave to go to my new home, a single lady… And he invited her into our home with my kids (all the while leading me on to believe we will still work on us while being divorced yet telling me to find another guy) but also telling me to move on. Which I did and began texting a guy in Texas. My phone was linked with my daughters and a few of my HARMLESS texts were sent to her phone and he saw them…. || I guess he realized what he lost and saw Elizabeth for the dirty scummy horse she really was because he BEGGED for me to come back to him. He’s lucky I’m a forgiving person because I came back home to him. I never stopped loving him, and I know PTSD can do some messed up stuff to our servicemen. I know this won’t be a smooth road for us because I may be forgiving but I never forget…. As for YOU Elizabeth, I hope this reaches you and you can read this word for word… You’re a HORRIBLE person!! Don’t ever contact MY husband and try and ruin MY family ever again. Because my wrath is greater than you could ever imagine! Rot in hell you homewrecking bitch!!

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