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So my husband is in the Navy and we were stationed in Italy from 2010-2013. Well there was this chick he worked with that he was”showing how to work out” at the gym and all. Got suspicious then but blew it off…then she watched our dog while he was working and the kids and I were out of town. I met her when she dropped him off. So she KNEW he had a wife and kids. When she transferred to Hawaii she gave him her car for free I was pissed but he managed to make excuses for it. || In July after the kids and I transferred back to the states early, he went to Rome for 5 days and lied his ass off when he was caught lying. Swore that he was alone and buying gifts for the kids and I as a surprise. Facebook chat showed him stopping at the airport on his way back to Naples…fishy right? Ok so he goes to Missouri for training while we are stuck in Houston waiting on him. When he got back and we were on our way to Washington state he was slowly pulling away from me. I asked if he even wanted me to go up there with him or call it quits and go home to Florida. He said he wanted me with him and he loved me so I went. || Shortly after arriving in Washington I noticed a lot of calls and texts to and from Hawaii. I asked him about it and got”Oh it’s a guy I met in training, He got stationed in Hawaii and calls me when he has questions.” Stupid me should have called the number. As the months past I became a ghost in the house. He barely spoke to me at all and never touched me unless he wanted ass. I would cry to him telling him I felt like we were roommates and I was miserable and that I needed him to change how things were or I was leaving when summer came for the kids. I just asked for a kiss or a hug every day not marathon cuddling on the couch. Well nothing would change and when he went on nights it seemed to get worse. But the whole time he was telling me he loved me and he didn’t want me to leave or want a divorce. I repeatedly asked if there was someone else and he swore there wasn’t. || I finally told him on Father’s Day that I was tired of waiting for things to change and I was leaving. I told him that I would stay til August so he would have the kids around. He told me,”If you are going to go, just go. Don’t drag it out.” Literally two weeks later I was making a 6 day drive across country to Florida. He was still calling everyday multiple times a day so a piece of me was hoping the time apart would make things change for the better. On Wednesday afternoon he called to check on us and that was the last I heard from him. He stopped returning my calls and texts and didn’t call to check that we made it to our last two destinations. || This past Friday morning, July 4th, I got up to balance the check book to find pending charges for Honolulu. I immediately starting calling him but he wouldn’t answer. I pulled the Hawaii numbers from the phone bill and called it. It was her, Elizabeth Malek, the bitch from Italy. She PAID FOR A FLIGHT for him to Hawaii…three days after we left he was shacked up with her in Hawaii while I was home in Florida with his two children falling apart. She is a home wrecker and knew about us this whole time. Feel free to stop by her facebook page and show her some love. Make sure to let her know she is posted here.

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By Ronald

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