Elizabeth James – Dallas, Texas Texas


It is shocking that this fat, sloppy, poor excuse for a woman and mother has ever found one man let alone several. Lucky for her this one ain’t going anywhere. Her current husband is well suited to her lol as they both are trashy and just plain nasty. Anything they are around is toxic and reeks heavily of cigarette smoke. They have gross leathery crocodile skin and bad teeth – and look even older than they really are hmmm come to think of it they could be brother and sister OMG EW anyways .. It would not be surprising if her kids and her grandkids have lung cancer. Lord help them if they inherit her poor judgement and mental issues. Sorry, people, but it’s the truth. This hypocrite uses church as a weapon and preys on people’s good nature to trick them into believing her nonsense. She brags about her kids (even though only one of them seems to have turned out sorta ok) She has been playing a poor, pitiful victim for years. She has no real friends (go figure) Only her disgusting loser husband and her family that she has completely snowed. She has been spreading her chubby legs for anyone that could stand the smell since she went to hillcrest high school. She started having kids and changing names like some people do underwear! She has been traveling all over Texas spending inheritance money like she actually earned it. She has ties in various TX cities including Dallas, Plano, Mesquite, Houston, Mount Pleasant, Beaumont, Chapel Hill, Corpus Christi and Port Aransas. If you see (or smell) a beached whale chances are its her. She goes by Beth. Some of her linked last names are James, Thompson, Bishop, Webster, Odom, Reynolds, Cornett and Crowder (not in order) These days she is making her way with her husband into other cities and states, so you’ll want to steer clear of this pity puss ..

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By Ronald

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