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My husband and I had been married for 12 years when I found out. He had been chatting with a girl he went to high school with and said they were just friends and I had nothing to worry about. I kept getting this suspicious feeling that there was more to the story than he was telling me. He told me that we live in Texas and she lives in Alabama so what could possibly be going on?? He left the house one day without his phone so I accessed his facebook account. I found posts that she had made to her timeline, setting the restrictions so that only she and my husband could see the posts. She would tell him she loved him, missed him, was thinking of him and that she couldn’t wait to see how close they would become. She even went as far as to create photo albums so that only she and my husband could view them. Some of the pictures were of apartments in these old buildings. She took a picture of the shower and captioned underneath the photo that she couldn’t help but picture them both naked in there. I confronted him about what I had found and he admitted that he had allowed her to say those things to him without putting a stop to it. However, I never could find where he would actually comment or”like” any of the restricted posts she made. I find it very hard to believe that the affair was simply one sided, but I couldn’t find any proof of things he said to her. Of course he was only going to admit to the things that I had proof of. || He sent her a message on facebook and told her not to contact him anymore because what they were doing wasn’t fair to me or to her husband. She never responded to his message, but she read it. He then blocked her on facebook. I reached out to her myself and told her that if she ever tried to contact my husband again, I would contact her husband and show him the filth she was sending to my husband. She’s married and has been for around 20 years. I wanted to contact her husband but I figure posting her whoreish face on shesahomewrecker.com is the best revenge possible!! My husband and I have since divorced.

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