Elite Medical Laboratories the cancer screening center


My mom have all kinds of scammers calling her and they ducked Medicare out of at least $3,000 dollars. Constantly telling her to not give out info to these people, but she doesn’t listen. They gave out new Medicare cards and I intercepted hers so she doesn’t know it nor have it. I have on occasions intercepted her phone calls and they knew I wasn’t her. This is an indication how much they call her. They got her on the back brace and the knee brace and some cream they sent through the mail with her Drs. Name on it. Go figure that one. She no longer goes to that Dr. Now it’s a company called Elite Medical Laboratories sends the forms and the package comes from some fake Cancer screening company in Pompano, Beach, Fl. They try to use the emblem, but if you pay attention the cancer symbol is not right for one thing on the boxThat’s a give away. They have the nerve to send it Priority mail. Now the form has an Atlanta, Ga address of 1000 Parkwood Circle suite 900, in the name of Conclave Medical. I looked it up and the tenants is some Law Firm.

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By Ronald

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