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Complaint: I worked for Elite Maintenance, Inc in July and August 2009. Dave Fiyalko and Jim were the owners of the company. I was in charged of processing the pictures for clients like Safeguard, First American Field Service, MCB, NOW Property, ETC Default, and Property Maintenance, INC. Dave and Jim seemed really nice. I am a single Mom of 2 kids.They gave me their photo chip so I could download the photos to their clients. I worked for them a couple of months until they wanted me to photo shop the trash outs and the janitorials. Especially for the HUD houses. Elite Maintenance wanted me to cut the trash out of the photos and create dump reciepts from Waste Management and other place to fax to their clients. I took off and just wanted my pay check. Elite Maintenance owes me 8 weeks of work. I worked 320 hours at 10 dollars an hourand they paid me nothing. Even when their clients paid them, I never got paid. You can ask Pat. He didn’t get paid either. Pat was their Quality Control manager for the other field workers. Elite Maintenance is a dishonest company. I had no milk or diapers for my babies. Dave and Jim are scam artists. When they got their weekly checks from Safeguard and First American that came to the office, they would keep telling me the check was in the mail. Plus they were bragging that they stole a flat screen tv from a house. It was in their pick up truck. I got out of there fast. They are scam artists and are shameful people.

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Address: 959 Byron St., Milford, MI 48381 Milford, Michigan United States of America



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