Elite Life Credit


I have created reviews on every trusted website I can think of INCLUDING this company’s Facebook page. I cant make a review on Google because the company does not have a Google profile. They are a faceless company with some scammy website and Facebook page! I am very upset. They are refusing to honor their money back guarantee that is advertised on their website! This company is a ripoff and scam! I keep emailing about the lack of service and my dissatisfaction and no one ever emails me back but I know they are getting emails because the ugly bi*ch, Paris Chanel, that signed me up for the program sent an email cancelling my services and in the message of the email it said “We appreciate your business” This group of unprofessional NEGROS that lack customer service!

They deal with company issues by simply avoiding them and pretending they dont exist. DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICES!!! Any monkey can fix their credit on their own for FREE. Credit services are a waste of money!!!! I reached out to them as professionally as possible and expressed my concerns repeatly and no one ever contacted me but over the course of 5 months they charged me $99 plus $125 for some credit monitoring fee!!! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! I even contacted the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU and filed a complaint! My next stop is my bank and take ever shred of documents I have to file a fraud investigation!

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By Ronald

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