Elise Brown – Knoxville, Tennessee Tennessee


Elise Givens Brown (age 32) is an undercover whore who “works” for Performance Contracting Inc. in Knoxville, TN. Elise Brown is exposed to crabs, as well as other infections. She has sex with numerous men, behind her husband’s back. This skank is straight up nasty! Elise Brown is a greedy, psycho pig who can’t get enough d. It’s all about money and sex for this selfish, nympho. She has been taking the d ever since she was a kid. Elise was a teen mom. She’s bitter and hateful towards other women, because of this. Her seething, disgusting jealousy stems from getting knocked up real young. She wanted to go out and party and have sex other boys, but couldn’t cuz she got stuck at home with a baby. So now she hates other young, decent girls who have their act together. Elise is so jealous of girls that are prettier than her. Anything with a set of breasts is a threat to her. She has wasted thousands of dollars getting boob jobs and tummy tucks, for she constantly feels the need to compete with other women who are far better looking than she is. Since Elise’s first baby daddy didn’t want anything to do with her, after getting her pregnant, she has spent years raping him for child support, that she doesn’t use at all for the kid. It’s all for her mall spending sprees. She buys super tight clothing and hot dresses to tease other men with. Elise was already told by her supervisors at her job, to start dressing more professionally, because she would come to work dressed like a straight up track whore. At her job, Elise has been known to openly talk about sex in public and performs in private. She teases the other men there by flirting and talking vulgar. This nympho bluntly tells men she wants it and needs it, but if they take the bait, she is having them written up and fired for sexual harassment. That’s only if the men are ugly and useless, to her. If they’re a big time boss with money, or if she likes them and thinks they’re hot, she will let them do her, like the slut that she is. Elise does not tip food servers when she goes out to eat. Her lame excuse is that she has worked so hard to make it where she’s at now, and that they should too. How has Elise worked hard? By being on her knees? Or taking it from her boss? She’s absolutely worthless at her job. Elise constantly loses job contracts, because she’s so incompetent. Other companies hate doing business with her. Anybody else would have been fired a long time ago. Elise was a waitress herself years ago, but has now screwed her way to a decent salary paid job. Not only does she stiff waitresses, but she also steals food off the plates of her friends, while she orders from the kids menu, and bums cigarettes from anybody who is stupid enough to give them to her. She won’t buy her own cigarettes. She is too cheap to purchase them herself, but will spend hundreds of dollars on a new dress to impress a guy she wants to go to bed with. And she drops large sums of money in the offering plate at the church, in hopes to make up for all the adultery she had committed, the week prior. Elise and her cuckold husband try to impress the church by giving large donations, but are cheap as hell when it comes to helping family members and other people they know. Their religion is a facade. They are full of crap. Her husband is too scared to confront her or leave her, for fear she will milk him dry of every dime he has. He knows she goes out and has sex with other men. Nobody could be that stupid. Elise stuck him with a few anchor babies that he has to watch all the time, while she goes to the gym and the mall to satisfy her sick, selfish addictions of shopping and sex. Elise loves bbc and lots of dp. She admits she can’t live without sex and needs it. She goes to the gym in the middle of the night, to have sex with the black stud who works there. Another dude got a cell phone video of Elise getting nailed at the gym. Her fat, loose, rotten vagina stinks of the sweat and seed of other men. She has unprotected sex and cannot live without sex. It’s so bad, she is completely psycho over it. Her husband must either be extremely stupid or a cuckold to put up with her gross behavior. What a pig, she is!

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