Elisa Egli Weehawken New Jersey Review


I’ll make this short and sweet. Do NOT under any circumstances rent any property to Elisa Egli. She is an emotionally challenged woman with violent and alarmist tendencies. If you rent her any of your properties, you will be subject to phone calls and texts at all hours day and night. If you ignore her she will intentionally break things, create dangerous and alarmist situations, call the fire department, etc, etc. I will not go into everything this person put me through in less than a month total exposure – just be forewarned. There was a reason why no one else would rent to her and she called me at the last possible minute – basically homeless. Others have seen the severe problems and kicked her out. Be smart and don’t let her in to begin with !!!

Drifter Weehawken, New Jersey United States of America


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By Ronald

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