Elijah Shakur Ali


Ladies BEWARE!!


My Complaint: Met him on a dating sight yesterday and he is already wanting to marry me and pay off all my bills. he wanted me to call my mortgagee and student loan company so he could make a huge payment on both. I told him I didn’t need him to pay my bills and he got upset saying I am denying him of being a man. I told him to give me the money and I would show him the receipt that I paid it. he said no that’s not the way he operates. he told me about the 17.5 million dollar payout and said he doesn’t have to work ever again in life. I told I wasn’t attracted to a man who didn’t work and then he told me he starts an engineering job next week paying 38.00 an hour. I have been ignoring his calls and text cause I knew he was too good to be true.


My Demand: everyone lady report him so he doesnt get any money from anyone!

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By Ronald

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