Elena Vage Castro NY / Texas New York


Elena Vega Castro was sleeping with my husband while her husband (removed) was fighting a war in Iraq. Affair started in March 2003, Vega was deployed to Ft Hood Texas, she can’t live without a d**k, Vega as my husband calls her was a E5 working under husband, who was her platoon Sergeant E6. Vega was married with 5-6 yr old daughter and she knew my husband was married with a 9 yr old daughter. Vega wouldn’t find a single man in FT Hood Tx, it is the largest Army Base in the world. || Vega is great with head, doggy style. She was sucking my husband’s d**k like tomorrow, whore was having sex with another man without any condoms. During her periods she was having sex in her ass or her mouth. Vega was giving head job at work. Whore has a tattoo on her left upper breast in remembrance of her brother that was killed in a gang war, it says”rest in peace”. She was sleeping every weekend with my husband from Friday to Sunday in a hotel room. This slut had asked through my husband if I would keep her daughter while she carrying on an adulterous affair. I was very naive I agreed to help a soldier, didn’t know that this whore and my husband would go that low. Vega continued sexting my husband on FB even after she was in another relationship with another man, she was planning on meeting him as early as June 14, 2014. Vega told me she only slept with my husband only once, but then my husband started talking about the slut. || I found out on Sept 21 about the affair. Vega said it was just flirtation on FB. This homewrecker was sleeping with my husband, Vega has two daughters. Vega is a Retention NCO in Us Army Reserve in upstate NY & her day job is at (removed). Vega is now divorced from her husband, she was sexting my husband while she was supposed to be in serious relationship, her address is (removed).

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By Ronald

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