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When I met my husband, unbeknownst to me, he was seeing this woman occasionally for “weekend” romps. She would travel to Canada to spend the weekend with him. After we dated for almost a year, he proposed to me in front of his parents, I said yes. As I was packing my home up in States readying myself to move my family to another country, she contacts me through social media asking who I am and proceeds to tell me they are in love and she was supposed to be moving there to be with him. I ask him about her and he explained she was a “weekender”, and he had ended things with her some time back. After we married, she continued to try to contact him for a couple of years, she finally got a life and found another man and life was good. But through the ups and downs that marriages go through, every time he would get on a drunk bender he would contact her, sober up and then tell me about it or I would find a message from her. I messaged her and and after several messages back and forth she agreed to leave him alone and she apologized for hurting me. So why is she still doing it all these years later? I’m sorry her marriage didn’t work out but stay the hell out of mine. I asked him why he even bothers to contact her any time that we have any kind of problem in our marriage, he says because she is easy to control and likes to be humiliated sexually! (Hit, choked, called obscenities, and urinated on) I didn’t believe him until he showed me pictures that he had taken of her at his brother’s apartment before we had even met. It sickens me! on her social media page she is always talking about strong indigenous women and how they should be supporting one another! Hypocrite! but what I honestly do not understand is her bashing of her own alcoholic husband on social media, yet she continues to try to entertain my alcoholic husband? Newsflash, I’m not going anywhere just yet. Ladies beware, I’m sure she’s trolling for her next victim.

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By Ronald

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