Elegant Chow Chow Pups


Last week I answered an ad re: Elegant Chow Chow Pups. I paid $650 for a male, 11 month old puppy. Then when they took him to the airport, I started getting e-mails about Buying/Renting an A/C crate because of bad weather coming to IAH. So I chose crate #3 for the puppy and paid $950. Each time I was told to go to a Wal-Mart Store and use a money gram and send to two different persons. I came home from that, and they said I needed to spend $1800 to two different men for insurance. I was then mad enough to tell them I would not send one more dime and to send the pup back to the kennel and refund my money. Not to call me anymore. I believe they were two middle eastern men.Their phone numbers: Kennel — (434) 289-0539Fly Delta. Cargo – (434) 509-4909

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