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I rented the Whalehead Summit located at address 988 Corolla Drive, Corolla, NC 27927 from Elan Vacations. I paid a total of $4782.00 to rent the home for a week. My family stayed at this home from 06/25/2016 to 07/02/2016. Upon arrival at this home, the house was a mess. It was barely cleaned, dirt all over the floors, counters not cleaned properly, and one member of my family even found candy wrappers in a bed! When going outside, we noticed the pool wasnu2019t cleaned and in fact had sand all over it. We started cleaning the house ourselves since we didnu2019t want to stay in such filth, I called them and left a message, but the phone call was never returned. We shortly after that realized the hot tub was not functioning, I called and actually got someone on the phone who sent someone out to repair the hot tub. They had no comment about the call I made earlier about how dirty the home was when we arrived, but they did send someone out to clean the pool. On 6/28/2016, family sleeping on the bottom floor of the house woke up to a leak coming from the ceiling. We noticed at this time the second floor of the home was extremely warm. I called Elan Vacations and they sent someone out who looked at it, and said he couldnu2019t fix it and we would need to wait for an Air Conditioning company. We waited for someone to come out, who worked on the unit for most of the day. He said there was no way to fix the leak coming from the ceiling, and that we would just have to deal with the leak or leave the A/C off. He recharged the system and left, but not before he cut a hole in the wall looking for the leak. I couldnu2019t have family sleeping in a room that had leaking water, so unfortunately everyone had to move to the top floor of the home. We had to stay on this top floor for three days, ever hearing from Elan Vacations about what was happening or what we should be doing. I followed up and never received a call back from a manager even though I asked. So basically I paid $4782.00 to rent the top floor of a house, the vacation was essentially ruined, and now Elan Vacations will do nothing other than offer me 10% off a future home rental. The Whalehead Summit located at address 988 Corolla Drive, Corolla, NC 27927 had broken deck chairs that people fell through, multiple beeu2019s nest on the deck which resulted in two people being stung, was extremely dirty, had broken appliances such as the upstairs microwave, and overall was not a home I would be happy spending $2000 for a week. It was a terrible experience. I spoke to Dawn Tillet when we returned the keys to the home and told her all of the issues I had with the home. She assured me that they would make things right. Since then I have had to email her multiple times to try and sort things out, they havenu2019t done anything other than offer me 10% off a future reservation.

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