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Complaint: i paid the owner juan 400.00 for a part and he assured me it would work. he did not give me a receipt either. the part did not work and when i took it back to him he said he would find me the part. i waited 2 weeks and everyday i was calling and they would tell me to call back. the owner would tell me that he found the part and to go and pick up the part. i would get there and the part would not even be the same. the part was a transfer case. i went several times to pick up the part i asked for and show up at the time he would tell me. when i would get there he was not there and i waited for 2 hours untill they told me i had to leave the property. the owner only hires illegal immigrants that dont know mechanics. i would watch the way they removed parts from cars and they would break them but make them look like if they were not broken. do not go to this place, he still has my money and has not given me my part. the owner does not know the meaning of customer service. i would call him and he would tell me that the part was there but when i would ask him a question he would hang up and leave the place. i could not get the money from the front desk because he handles all the money. do not go unless you want to get ripped off. he also charges way to much and he still wants to trade the parts you ask him for.

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Address: 9407 W Expressway 83 harlingen, Texas United States of America


Phone: (956) 425-1335

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