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Complaint: I was contacted by Eisen Research on 9/18/14 to participate in a market research focus group to take place on 9/23/14. It was an email invitation. They called me on the phone and I was approved for the study, the same day, 9/18/14. On 9/19/14 I received this message by email: Thank you for agreeing to participate in our upcoming market research discussion. Your presence is extremely important to us, as we had to restrict the project to an exact number of participants. Please contact us immediately at (617) 848-4211 if your schedule prohibits you from attending. I replied and told them that I would be able to attend. Then on 9/22/14, at 11:30 AM, I received this email: ******************************************************************************** From: [email protected] Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2014 11:39:46 -0500Subject: REMINDER CALL – PLEASE CONFIRM Hi, This is your reminder call about your appointment for tomorrow, October 23rd, @ 6:00PM, at Focus Pointe Chicago, 645 N. Michigan Ave. Please e-mail me back or call to confirm that you are planning on attending.If you have any questions please call us at 617-848-4211. DONu2019T FORGET TO GET THERE 10 – 15 MINUTES EARLY TO AVOID BEING LATE. Thank you, Martha Eisen ************************************************************************************ I replied to this email also on 9/22/14 at 12:10 PM. I said, “Thanks for the reminder

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Address: I will be there tomorrow evening.”” That was another email confirmation. However

Website: I received a phone call

Phone: at 2 PM

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