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Complaint: I bought a Yorkie puppy from Eileen’s Four Paws. The ad on puppyfind.com stated that the puppy will be 4 pounds full grown. A few days before purchasing the puppy, I asked how much the puppy weighed. She said that the puppy weighed 1.25 pounds. I purchased the puppy and got it home. The puppy weighed 2.25 pounds. So instead of having a puppy that will be 4 pounds, it will be 6 – 6.5 pounds full grown. That is a lot bigger than my female which I am planning to breed. Breeding a small female with a large male can cause complications for the mother during delivery. So the size of the puppy is critical to me. I contacted Eileen within an hour of getting the puppy home, and explained the problem. She told me that her scale must not be accurate, but tough luck. She refused to make things right. She hung up on me and will not answer calls. DO NOT deal with this lady. She is dishonest and misrepresents her puppies. If there is a problem, you are out of luck. Later I spoke with a friend about the situation. She told me that there are several well known puppy mills located in Silex, MO. And these kind of problems are common among these small puppy mill breeders.

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Address: 288 Jerry Miller Lane Silex, Missouri United States of America

Website: www.facebook.com/tinypuppiesforyou

Phone: 314-750-8119

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