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First of all the employees and owners of Eico are very defensive, unprofessional, and lack customer service . I would politly recommend to them that they take some classes in professionalism and customer service. They hang up on customers and lie about projects and the products that they fix. These are values that I would never recommend a company to have.The problem with this company is that they never fixed my heating and air issues. The technicians were unprofessional they smoke on your property, leave cigarrette butts, and do not clean up their mess before they leave. I had to hire my own contractor outside of my home warranty company to fix my own issues and had to throw away all the money that I paid EICO. They do not stand by what they do and blame the issues on the manufacturer of the products they install. They visted my house around 7 times in a month stretch to fix a simple issue. I paid them on the first visit, and said goodbye to my money forever because I never recieved the benefits of spending my hard earned money. I hired a local contractor who fixed my issue that day in a few hours, where EICO stated they needed to replace new parts etc…. They are crooks and are riding off home warranty companies to provide for their incompetent work. They will try to charge you for unneeded repairs. If you get them through your warranty company request a new company or just hire your own because it will not be worth the time or the money to have them even step foot on your property.

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