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Complaint: Unequal Pay I have been told by management I’m a loyal , responsible, and dependentable employee, but in reality I was treated as less than , unsatisfied Not So Graceful , Unequal . I have been employed with this company over 1 year . I am speaking today because I have introduced allegation to this company prior to this conversation.I believe my pay does not reflect my dedication and seniority within this company. Our pay raise is based off of our score cards that are to be completed monthly by management/supervisor , in this case leadership team because both manager and supervisor were terminated. As a result of the termination of prior management, my scorecard was marked invalid due to inaccuracy of scoring procedure. The score card contained assigned duties that was negatively affecting my annual scorecard, but most importantly my pay raise. Recently I received an email stating the qualifications of a level 3 agent position which both my skill set and seniority match and I have yet to receive any feedback from my leadership team regarding the previous job title. I witnessed 2 agents come after me gain higher position that without the probationary requirement being met. There were procedures that were overlooked when making a sound decision on our new lead. Feedback is very challenging to receive from management in this establishment it is always we will get back with you or we will send an email on what we decide to do . Results with the company have been unpleasant , unresolved . I am back at the states of mind we’re equal opportunity has been inconsistent combined with management . I am still grateful for my job but I would be greatly relieved once the issues are resolved within this management these are not allegations they are concerns. Open door policies haven’t been aply in the matter it was stated in our company policies . There is no accurate feed back in weekly meeting hosted by leadership team. There are always unresolved questions imposed by the agents on the floor . Inaccurate information nullified my opportunity for a pay raise as well as my advancement in the company. I was selected to attend an off-site focus group hosted by the director of customer experience and HR director where the concerns were provided to the executives of the company. A follow up meeting occurred due to the drastic adjustments made within the company. The final meeting took place on April 11, 2017which I was selected for with Hr entailed my concerns regarding unfair treatment going unnoticed by leadership management. Main concern was the revised scorecards that we didn’t recieve. The response I received from Hr that they wouldn’t go back and revise the incorrect scorecard .The pay committee went unnoticed while the company decided to give incentives for things that I have accomplished consistently that went unnoticed by management and leadership team. I have voiced concerns Reporting unfair treatment within the work place . With the CEO of the company as well as managment, leadership team ,HR director others with a higher authority then myself . I have decided to have my concerns reviewed by higher authority. So I visited the local eeoc office in Dallas tx . To file a unequal pay complaint . The lady at the front with the short gray hair . Declined my issue , stated that was a labor law. The contact info Dallas give out is directed to different state . This site needs to be reviewed .

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