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Someone living in Germany used my check card number on September 3 and 4, 2009 to make two separate purchases from EDreams. I have NO idea how they got the number because I have never done business with EDreams to my knowledge adn I am VERY careful with using my card online. I can onlt assume a waiter at a restaurant I ate at recently copied the card and phned it to their relatives in Germany.This person(s) attempted to make a third purchase through EDreams, but the account was overdrawn from the 2nd attempt so the charge did not get approved. I noticed this activity on September 4th and called my bank to cancel the card. I then called EDreams Customer Support line and spoke to a “Marta””. She informed me she could not do anything and would not do anything until they received a police report which in my opinion is a lie. This is a serious matter and she acted as if it was their daily routine of doing business. I filed a report that day and called EDreams back.This time I spoke to a Christina Kind (or at least that is the name she gave me). Strange since she spoke with a middle Eastern accent???Christina also stated there was nothing she could do. She ask me for the “”Booking Number””

which of course I did not have

and only offered to tell me the flight had already flown from Lisbon to Amsterdam. I ask to be transferred to a supervisor or someone that could do something; she began laughing and stated that “”supervisor’s do not get on the phone””

and she refused to offer any solution to this problem. You would think a serious matter such as this she would have at least contacted someone in their main office to report this crime. She did not offer any solution at all only laughter.I have since reported this activity to my bank and the local police department in accordance with the laws of the state I live in and my bank has informed me today that the funds will be returned to me tonight however I do not believe this is enough. The person committing this crime needs to be caught and EDreams needs to be held accountable for the blatant disregard for my situation.In my attempt to contact ANYONE at EDreams I found out the Customer Support Email address is not working and returns mail as undeliverable. I wrote another email to the only other email address offered on their web site and have not heard anything from anyone at EDreams. I can only wonder where it may be now. I am offering this information to everyone because I will be doing everything in my power to alert potential customers of EDreams flagrant disregard for my situation and will be reporting to any consumer reporting agency as well as the United States Federal Trade Commission this situation and the potential they will loose their funds and/or items purchased from this internet company. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN FOREWARNED!!!!”

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