Complaint: This would be under the Ripoff Scams search for companies that promise jobs, charge a lot of money for their services and deliver nothing. Other like companies that pop-up under different names are the now defunct Bernard Haldane and Associates and Chandler Hill Partners. As of early 2012, this one is called EDC (www.EDCWEB.net). Suffice it to say that they’re just like every one of their predecessors. I didn’t fall for it and neither should you. Same promises of high-paying executive positions and exclusive contracts with lots of companies. Same mentoring lies. Same “you’ve been lucky enough to have been selected by our firm for representation”” even though they accept anyone who writes a check for $5

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Address: 000. It’s an old story now but in a lousy economy it’s worth repeating because they’re still out there waiting to steal what little cash you have left. The bottom line is that there’s no quick

Website: make sure the search firm’s website has obvious points of contact (up front) that clearly illustrate their professional background and successes in the field. Hard to find or not clearly defined information is a sure sign of another thief in the night. EDC’s website is a prime example – very generic – testimonials from people like “”CB”” “”living the dream””. Yeah right. You’ve been warned.”

Phone: easy way to get around a job search. If you’re an executive

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