Ecowater Albaquerque New Mexico (Kyle and Dustin) Santa Fe


Complaint: Recently purchassed a water treament system from Ecowater in Albaquerque. Upon instalation and subsequent calibration began having serious issues with system. Poorly installed water return lines vibrate against wall ever cycle. System was set up imporerly to use Sodium cholride when system is using potassium choloride. Sysetm turn on at highest setting and blew the T and P release valve casuing water to by pass system and drain into drain at over 5 gpm for possibly two days (away from house on vacation when return discovered problem) burnt out water heater pump and valve require over $1000 of labor and parts. Leid about a service technican coming out on Monday the 21st of june and isntead sent one out a day later. Encourage me not to request a plumber as a technician was on the way when in fact came a day later. Passed on from supervisor to supervisor to Manager and again another Manager who again leid about be availble to call when plumber was done with repairs to indicate the failure of the water heater system (t and P valve and water pump) was directly due to installation, faulty setting and sediment build up brought on by the water treatment system. Requested they remove system but they avoided that issue as well. Primary person worked with Dustin and Kyle. both who misreperesented system, service and resolutions. yet to hear back from them.

Tags: Employees, Internet Fraud, Sold Fake Goods, Water Filtration, Water Heater Ripoffs

Address: 1311 Cuesta Abajo Ct NE Albuquerque Albaquerque, New Mexico United States


Phone: (505) 633-9155

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