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I had hired this pest control company to kill the spiders in and around my house. What I realized was that very little spiders were killed and many other types of insects were. I was informed that they were specialized in killing spiders and ants. I was also told that the products that they were using were eco-friendly. Later that week, I saw spiders crawling everywhere. But just dead grasshoppers. I was just disappointed in the level of service that I received. The company had came once and once was enough for me. I was also told that I could cancel my service at anytime and that the owner was a real nice guy. Well the owner was polite and told me that I owed him for the entire year. He would send another guy to spray the house. I said I wasn’t happy with the level of service.. He said he would work it out. So he offered to reduce the bill by 50%. Then he sent me a collections notice. I tried to pay the guy, but that 50% discount disappeared and he added a collection fee. Wow.. I was disappointed with a service and I still get charged. My advice is to stay away from these people who come to your house asking you for their business in pest control. ECO Pest Solutions just wants your money and delivers a mediocre service.

PO Box 1389 Allen, Texas United States of America


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By Ronald

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