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Complaint: SCAM and Information trap (France) We need to discuss the website called “echange definitif”” because it claims to provide permanent home swap services while it is dysfunctional and a huge time waste to the property owners around the world while it looks very attractive to the new comer. I would like people to test it themselves and tell me whether I am wrong by saying that the website is dysfunctional and information trap (such as facebook once they close your account for no good reason and keep a dossier on you) or whether they are experiencing the same I am experiencing: being completely unable to reach other swappers and the support is completely ignoring any inquiries sent to them. I believe that website is intentionally made that way

Tags: Internet Services

Address: so that people register

Website: but once they want to email other swappers or even pay for an upgraded listing

Phone: provide their email addresses and other personal info

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