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I was approached by someone over facebook – I did quite a bit of vetting into the individual (Jacob Michael). After seeing several consistent posts and confirmed friends, I do believe he’s a real figure with accredited accomplishments.After speaking on some mutual business interests, he had referred me to a financial institution called Eavex Capital. It was a pretty simple process getting registered – it DID seem to good to be true, so I was very cautious and used a very little amount of money.After calling, speaking to someone on the phone, all seemed OK – after I sent the money, there were no terms and conditions, no paperwork, nothing.They do have a login platform, however it is automated. The website is well crafted, lots of content, very relevant to someone who is educated on the subjects they’re talking about.When I went to withdrawal money – to see if it would actually work, it did not. No response, no online chat, nothing.

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By Ronald

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