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Easy Home is no different than RENT-A-CENTER in fact this ”NEW” company from Canada used to be RENTWAY remember them ????? yea that’s right EasyHome CEO bought out the Rentway’s in Canada and renamed them EasyHome and just change some of the company policies. nNow with that in Mind if you think this Company is here to give you what you need at a low weekly price’s think again. Their slogans and sales pitches are all just a cover up to hide the Companies greed if you think im crazy just look at their contract’s nfor example a 26 inch tv may cost you no more than 400 dollars at your local Walmart But Easyhome will charge you 10 dollars a week at 156 weeks thats 10 x 156= 1560 are you really going to pay that much ????? and don’t forget if you miss a payment they will come and take ”THEIR” tv back regardless of your situation !!!!!!!! nDon’t let this company fool you their a RENT TO OWN Company with only Money and profit gains on their mind. They will target low income families using their product to lewer poor families through their doors, They will rent to you in hopes that you miss a payment so they can pick up their product and re-rent it again just imagine they purchase a washer machine for 400 dollars, They rent it to you for 12 dollars a week for 156 weeks that’s 1872.00 dollars, now you only keep it for 8 weeks and you miss a payment because you lost your job so they come and pick it up from you, now you already put in 1248.00 of your money into this machine, now since they only paid 400.00 dollars for it they have already made 848 dollars in profit off of it and they will re-rent your machine to another SUCKER and the cycle just keeps going and going and going nEasyhome is a multibillion dollar company that only care about ” PROFIT GAIN ” not YOU !!! nDON’T EVER RENT FROM THIS COMPANY !!!!!!! nLucky1ncanton, New YorkU.S.A.

11112 HWY 11 POTSDAM, New York U.S.A.


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