Easy Saver – American Leisure – Hmi*jewelry 800-3511700 Portland Oregon Review


We purchased a ring from this company HMI Jewelry. When we authorized the debit card withdrawal, with the opportunity to purchase additionalnmerchandise from them at a discount. We could cancel at any time.nDuring the call at which we ordered the ring, HMI Jewelry switched the confirmation with us to an unauthorized monthly withdrawal from 2 third party companies : Easy Saver (MyEasySaver.com), and American Leisure (AmericanLeisure.com). nWhen we received the ring, we realized it was junk, and immediately called this 800 351-1700 number and cancelled any further contact with them… HMI Jewelry aknowledged the cancellation, however they did not even tell us that they had handed our original call to the other two third party services… Easy Saver and American Leisure have each auto-deducted our bank account since the original call… It has been a long time since then, before we realized that Easy Saver and American Leisure were each deducting $16.95/month from our account… They have ripped us off for over $500.. nWARNING!!! Watch your bank account closely if you ever authorize a purchase from HMI Jewelry, or any other company that uses this 1-800-351-1700 number… They may or may not be legitamate, however they are definately linked to Easy Saver and American Leisure, which are both definately scam artists… Google search either name to find hundreds of complaints against these companies.. nDavidnPortland, OregonU.S.A.


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