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A woman from this company called a friend of mine, telling her they needed to come service and check her chimney due to risk of fire. My friend did not initiate the call, but this caused her to worry. She is a widow, lives alone and is very trusting. Two men came the next day and did some work on the roof and chimney that she cannot see or verify. They also supposedly “treated her bricks” with some blue stuff to protect them. They gave her an invoice for $3600. She gave them a check paying in full, which is handwritten on the invoice. The next day they came back and said she owed them another $3000, which she gave them a check for. She was nervous but didn’t know what to do. Once she told me, I called the bank but the checks of course had already been cashed. One to a man named Joseph and one to a man named Michael Kane. The business name was not used on the check. The bank said there is nothing they can do as these have been cashed. This is just disgusting and made us sick to hear. She has a small income obviously and trying to keep and maintain her home.

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By Ronald

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