Earthtech Landscapes Fort Collins Colorado Review


I hired James Long with Earthtech Landscapes to build all areas of the yard and all the landscaping. We paid them 1/2 of contract on the 5th. 15 days later he said they had filed for building permit. 2 MONTHS LATER, I contacted city, they said Earthtech Landscapes had just filed for permit(8 weeks after contract date). Yet Earthtech Landscapes lied and said they had filed it in previously. The city contacted Earthtech Landscapes regarding “4 red lines”” issues on their plan that needs to be corrected before permit would be issued. They wanted to do work without permit

since James already had my money I decided to let him begin. That was the beginnings of the nightmare…. imagine my alarm when I come to the property without them knowing I was coming only to find the two engaged in a drunken

rage filled argument! What followed could only be described as a B class movie – playing chicken with small earth movers

beer bottles burried

lightly covered really in the flower beds. Then only to have the city issue a fine and have to pay to have all the work recreated! Save yourself the troubles and do a background check first!!!!! If only I had known who James really was prior to hiring him!!!!!”

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By Ronald

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