Earth Fare Complaint


After my husband heart attack I bought a lot of natural nuts, sunflower seed and grains from Earth Fare, in June of 2010 I opened a bag of sunflowers and what appeared to be spider webs were running through it, I took back all the sunflower seeds and asked to talk to the person in charge over the department. I told him how disgusting it is to find bugs in bags of food, he promised he will take care of that. he never told me it wasn’t spiderwebs but silks from pantry moth cocoons. 10 months later and huge expense and I still have the darn pantry moth. When I called their headwaters in Fletcher, NC the assistant to the manager was the one that told me what I have, at first she sent me a gift certificate from Earth Fare, I sent that back then she offered a small some of money that didn’t cover but a small portion of the expenses to decontaminate my house. I declined the offer and so far nothing helped, I scabbed, chlorinated, steamed, fumigated and use traps for over 9 months. I still have these darn pests. I threw out hundreds of dollars worth of food and there is no end in sight. This problem would have been averted if they were honest with me and warrant me what it was when I took back the sunflower seeds. Instead I kept buying contaminated products. Do yourself a favor. Find another place to shop. I can’t keep any grains, nuts, flour, breads, pasta… in the hose unless I keep them in air tight metal or glass containers. Save yourself the grief. I have all the documentation and will back up everything I wrote.

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