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Complaint: E. NEAL GUNNARSON, Assitant Attorny General has a history of breaking the law and violating peoples Civil Rights. Tied to the Utah Department of Commerce he prosecuted numerous people using tactics that were unethical. Jon Huntsman appointed Francine Giacni to head up the Utah Security Department and she had zero experience in law and she was not a lawyer. Yet, she prosecuted people against every ethical law known to man in the Constitution. Beware when doing business in Utah. It was ranked 14th most corrupt state in the U.S. If you want to see government corruption spread in America vote for “Jon Huntsman”” for president in 2012. The following letter was sent to Utah authorities by my business directors January 14

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Address: 2008 RE: Joseph Paul Ottis and Globee Products FROM: From a Globee Board Member To whom it may concern

Website: a lawyer in Salt Lake City

Phone: Let me explain some of the background and facts as I understand them that you may or may not already know. A serious incident occurred in Utah when Robert Frank and the Ripoff Scams interfered with one of Pauls relationships. A project partner with Paul got wind of the Ripoff Scams blogs that were posted by Robert Frank and withdrew money from Ottiss bank account using a counter check without authorization. She believed the content in Robert Franks blogs and she broke the law withdrawing $67

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