E dream


Went on cheap tickets.com,found round trip tickets for both myself and my daughter, We thought we were booking at the actual airline.Paid the 580.00,It would be Spirit airline there and Sun Country back Got to our LasVegas wedding fine,but the last 2 days of our trip we tried to confirm our seating, because we had’nt received an e mail to confirm.We decided we would go to the airport earlier and if we can’t seat together that was okay(was our thinking process) When we got to the sun country airline ticket booth,Cecielia from Sun Country airline booth told us Edream cancelled our flight,I said well I don’t know of E dream and why they would cancel our flight.She said you will have to now purchase new tickets,Purchase price 560.00,I tried several times to contact the phone number of E dreams,Finally after three days back home I did speak to Ayushi (customer service rep.)He told me that no one from his company cancelled that flight,Sun country must have ripped me off(his words)I told him that I wanted my money back for the trip,and that he will have to work that out with Sun country.He wanted my cc number,gave him the number,he asked for my phone number and told me he would call me back.Didn’t hear back from him.I’ve tried to call again a few times,but just get the run around.I want other people to be aware when they look for deals on flights,that they do need to actually leave the site that they are on.Otherwise it makes you look like you are on the airline flight you want to book at!

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