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These clowns are scam artists collecting on debt that don’t exist as well as time barred debt. Be smart….do not talk with them. Tell them to put it in writing. Record all verbal conversations. They lie and threaten. The garbage in some of their responses that they want 100% customer satisfaction is a lie. Let’s not forget the threats of arrest. Don’t fall that. Debtor prisons were outlawed over a two hundred years ago. They don’t have the power to arrest you. In fact District Attorney’s have better things to do then arrest people for fraud of debt. Its very rare for this to happen. I read a few complaints about payday loans. Where they were going to arrest for wire fraud etc. Its a scam. File complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and your state attorney general consumer protection division. Never ever give them bank information. They claim they will give you a settlement letter after paying. That is a lie. They will turn around and sell the debt again. Hire a NACPA lawyer. They love scam artists like this company. They chew them up in court and counter sue them for all sorts of legal grounds. My understanding is they are owned by a New York firm and someone named Epstein. I would also file a complaint with South Carolina and New York AG’s office. Hit them where it hurts. Lets shut these leeches down. If they get enough complaints Government agencies will sue. So get mad and file those complaints. Just in case these leeches repond to this complaint. I want you to know your tactics don’t scare me. Pick a fight with me and I will personally tie you of in court with motions, pleadings and appeals. This is besides playing my ACE Card in court. So bring it on leeches The opinion expressed here is guaranteed to every American. In case the clowns at Dynamic Recovery Solutions don’t know what that is. Its called Freedom of Speech. So the dirt bags from Dynamic Recovery can whine like babies and try to misled the people that don’t understand their rights. Take your best shot. I don’t cower in the corner when a dirt bag scam artist collector contacts me. I have no contractual debts. I pay cash for everything. To those reading this report and having trouble with dirt bag collectors. There is help out their on the internet. Search and read and research numerous sources. Fight the dirtbag leeches and answer their complaint in court. I wish the consumer public reading this the best of luck. As for the dirt bag scam artist collectors out there trying to collect on non existent debt or time barred debt. I wish you a loss of job, one million fleas and bedbugs and being homeless. Then you will know what its like.

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