Dylan Purvis – Fort Bragg, North Carolina North Carolina


It all started two years ago when my brother started seeing one of the towns biggest sluts. No one in the family could believe he was being so stupid. She had him completely fooled. Although we tried to warn him and everyone said how shocked they were that they were even communicating, the relationship got pretty serious. || Shortly after she moved in and started completely mooching off of him and what he had achieved in life, they got engaged. Lord I knew at this point she had hid her whore tendencies and her past a little too well. But still, he pressed forward. Then things got interesting…. || Just a few days before the wedding, a text was received, she had been CONSISTENTLY sleeping with a someone who worked at Redbone. Not only that but this guy was so infatuated with her that he was actually threatening my brother stating he would not stop seeing Dylan. She had the NERVE to have my brother drop her off AT HIS HOUSE while they were living together. Her own sister claimed she didn’t believe Dylan was getting married for the right reasons. That was when more and more shit came out. She had been sending nudes to several people and not only that but had lied about how many people she had actually slept with. This whore certainly needed attention. || Even despite ALLLLLL of this bullshit, they still got married. Things were never good. She was lazy, disrespectful and unappreciative of anything my brother would do for her. Even her car isn’t in her own name. Eventually he had had enough of the fighting and the lies and she moved out. On December 7, she had the audacity to sleep with his BEST FRIEND after claiming he was the only one for her and she would go to her grave trying to prove it. Seriously? How psychotic can one person be? || Finally this was what we were all hoping for. Her true colors were flying high as a kite and he was through with her. Legal action was being taken. Thank God kids weren’t involved. Although she has already put him through enough hell she has broken into his house, been arrested for CDV, stolen his pistol and a ton of other items and her and her family have done nothing but harass people he knows. || All I have to say is Karma is one ugly bitch.

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By Ronald

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