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At the moment I was engaged to the father of my two little girls, and he decide to start the Police Academy, so he quit his job and kept this girls as a friend since they used to know each other from work. I found out they started to text slowly and as the days past towards the end of March the text where more and more, and one day I found a text and I ask for answer and he say that she was fiends, we had a huge fight and he put a passcode on his phone. Everything escalated from there, he used to go out every Friday, and on April his parents put a tracker on hai car and they know where he was when he told me that he was w a friend, address didn’t match…and he kept lying. || He change completely towards me, I ask and begged to stop that but did not give up, she knew about my kids and everything and she still keep texting, everybody told him to stop the text and nothing, on April 30 he went to the movies w his friend, I followe and his friends car wasn’t there, i had a confirmation from his friend telling me that he wasn’t with him, and he still denied it to me. On Saturday, May 3 he hand me his phone and didn’t realize that it was unlocked, we were at the park and I saw the conversation between him and her, I love you and more and more, I confronted him, he laugh and I ran away from the park w his phone, I txt her and his friend like it was him and saying that she found out about us…she confirmed and then we send her a text and she admitted that everything was emotional, is bs…she is a 28 years old girl, that works as a security person on PPL tower and is married with two girls, as me…didn’t have the morals to realize that she was hurting a family. She’s a home wrecker and she is Spanish….I hope the husband finds out.., I have prove, pictures, text everything, of conversations, records, so I’m not lying but he won’t admit that he cheat on me.

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