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Columbian Emerald’s staff lied to my fiance and I about the Diamond Engagement Ring we purchased. They sold us a cracked diamond that appraised for much less than their appraisal. The store was unwilling to resolve the issue. However, they felt the need to protect themselves after assuring us that this was not the first time they had the problem with their St. Thomas store–they protected themselves by severing the tie with the St. Thomas store, but left us with a cracked diamond and no other recourse. We contacted the store and customer services and received a run around on many occassions. We were asked to return the cracked diamond to Customer Services for resolution and at this point, we were ripped off. Our cracked diamond was switched to a much smaller diamond that was also cracked right in the middle and of a lesser color and clarity. nThe persons in Customer Service’s that we worked were Angela Jaramillo and Sarah Restrepo. Angela and Sarah played a game and we later discovered that it was to buy time until it was too late for their insurance company to get involved. We purchased the ring from Suresh Sujanani. We also contacted Mr. Steven Crane the owner and he never returned our calls or email. They have a location in New York that assisted them in ripping us off. This event occurred more than two years ago, and has never been resolved to our satisfaction. We are also aware that another customer was ripped off on a purchase of diamond earrings that were quite costly. We are posting this to inform travelers and buyers to beware of Columbian Emeralds, Jewels, CEI, and DutyFree.com‘s ripoff practices. You are referred to these stores by Norwegian, Carnival, Holland America Cruise Lines, etc. These stores are located throughout the Caribbean and online. nDenisenUpper Marlboro, MarylandU.S.A.

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