This guy is the DUMBEST lawyer in the city.I hired this character represent me on a ticket with some moving violations.His office assured me that he would get them dismissed or go to trial. On the date of the hearing a big boy wearing a circa 1970 polyster suit with a toupee on his head for hair shows up. This guy starts screaming talking loud and generally intimidating people. Come to find out this is ISRAEL B GARCIA JR.This SCAM ARTIST proceeds to do the same to me and threatens to withdraw from my case on the trial date. I ended up paying the fines.I come to find out that this scammer FLUNKED THE BAR THREE TIMES AND CANT SPELL CAT IF THEY SPOT HIM THE C AND THE T. He also went to a communiy college ACC and only transferred for last semester to a good university.THEN I FIND OUT THIS DUMB A** WAS ARRESTED FOR A FELONY ANN DID TIME IN THE HARRIS COUNTY FOR 30 DAYS THEN. THEN HE PUTS HIS TWEEKER GIRL FRIEND( MARIANN BACHARACH) DO THE SAME CRIMINAL MISCHIEF ON THE SAME OFFICE BUILDING OF SAME LAWYER GOOD GRIEF.This guy needs to be disbarred!I’m sure there are many people like meWho have been deceived!

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