I received a letter stating i had been hired as a mystery shopper and to become a full time shopper i had 2 assignments to complete within a week.enclosed was a check in the amount of $3,989.50. these funds were to cover expenses of the assignments -i was to go to either Best Buy or Walmart and spend $100.00 and report about the store and employees then I would be trained in Financial Transaction by wiring by either Western Union or Moneygram $3,159.50, pay the $280.00 fee /send to their training agents in a different location to be specified by my assignment co-ordinator who i was supposed to contact upon receipt of check for confirmation, authorization and activation of check, once all is done and the evaluation form filled out i was to fax the form along with all receipts and copies of the wire transfer to a fax # and contact the co-ordinator immediately. I was to keep $450.00 to cover a weeks employment. there are 3 different addresses for this letter. 1-Canada, 1-Georgia, 1-South Carolina. My co-ordinators phone and fax #’s. I do not own printer or scanner so I will have to mail you copies of this information. The #’s are tel:*** *** ****¬†Fax: *** *** ****. If someone could email your address I will send you copies of everything received unless someone can show me how to send via email.

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By Ronald

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