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I attempted to reach out to Duane Morris on ( Saturday, December 23, 2017) but could not speak with a live representative (I didn’t want to leave a message if it was the scammers). I received emails message and several text messages. that are using using the name, Beatrice O’Donnel as the hiring mangier at the company Duane Morris. The number that is being used is (773) 321-8415. The email is [email protected]mail.com. The first contact (December 12, 2017) was stating that the company has received my resume and had a few positions open. They were a data entry clerk, payroll assistant, and executive assistant. I followed up with them advising interest in the data entry position. Second, they advised me that they were going to do an interview for the data entry position. They asked interview questions to be done through text message. I did ask if there was a way to do it in person or if someone could call. I was told that no human interaction would be attempted until after I start the job. According to the texts, the interview also had Dianne Morris reviewing it as well. I answered all questions and then received my interview score and was “hired”. Since I was hired, I needed to submit an offer sheet. In the offer sheet it said that I would be compensated $35 an hour for this position and would work from the comfort of my own home. At this point the process seemed legitimate (albeit to good to be true). They then contacted me (Saturday, December 23,2017) saying that they would send my personal work materials once I paid $670 for time management software. According to this source, that money would be reimbursed at a later time by Duane Morris. However that payment must be submitted via money gram from Walmart as the vendor is an individual. I have serious suspicions that someone or a group of entities is attacking the credibility of Duane Morris.

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By Ronald

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