DS CANTINA, INC. and Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters


Contacted us about buying wedding ring. Sent email saying the check would be for $3550 instead of the $2000 asking price of the ring. They had instructions saying to cash check keep the $2000 plus $50 for any travel expenses and than wire the remaining money to an Andrew Tafe at address 2445 Amsterdam Dr. Augusta GA. 30906 who would than come pick up the ring to send off to the buyer a Carolyn Hodges. Her phone number was from Maryland the company who "paid" was listed on check as DS CANTINA in Chicago, IL. (who I called and they said it was a scam) The shipping label was made from Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters in Dallas Texas. and the Money order came with instructions to contact a number in Minnesota for instructions about cashing the check and what to do next.

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By Ronald

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