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Complaint: I purchased my drivetime vehicle Dec. 18 2004, merry christmas to me …not! At first Bill Shannon was very courtious and made it a point to sell me a vehicle and finish the deal right before close of business.. he even drove me to my home to get documents I needed..I traded in a 94 ford explorer for a newer car (2001) Pontiac Grand Prix, loved my car but it had few flaws in the paint job, Bill assured me that after the holiday they would tow my car to their reconditioning center in St Petersburg,FL to repaint the car , Great! I took until May until they made good on their deal ,GM mark finally remembered the promise when I went in to make a payment (they did this so they could make sure I was outside of warranty,) a simple paint job is all my car needed….I was quoted 2 days to repair and a rental car provided to me …the job took 2 weeks!!!I picked my car up on my birthday to find it another color with all 4 tires matching (black tires now gray) my car was silver now its gray with the front passenger tire flat in their parking lot…I drove to get new tire and have tires cleaned, alignment was so out of wack the mechanic who fixed my car said in his professional opinion this car was dropped from a tow truck, i got another opinion and was quoted the same. My car needed a custom front end alignment and rear alignment…I blew through 5 tires in 1 month ..Drivetime told me to fax reciepts to their legal dept in AZ and they would assist me with some cost assistance for the repairs..Wrong! I faxed the reciepts 3 times from my job and have confirmation of the faxs, I was told they never recieved them. I even sent photos and still have copies… One day later the ac went on my car as well, it never worked in the first place well and I was lied to about all my supposed repairs that were done at the recon center..needless to say they claim I vouluntary repoed my car as if I didnt need it and suck with me with a $9000 loan , I already owned a car paid clean, I just wanted newer model car with no cosigner and lower mileage, it was too easy to get this car, now I know why! Drivetime refuses to return my calls and I later found out I cannot sue in a class action suit becuase it is stipulated in my contract…Im 29, young not dumb but they take me for an idiot, my car came back in worse condition then it was when I purchased it. Don’t make the same mistake and if anyone out there has any info to help the many people like myself who got burned please let us know so we can prevent this from happenning to others ..Thanks for listening! Good Luck! Chad Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.

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Address: 8805 E Adamo Drive Brandon, Florida U.S.A.


Phone: 813-246-4599

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