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Complaint: Ok first of all I hate to say that I too have a story about DriveTime. I purchased a 1999 Chevy Malibu from them and it was a problem from day one (literally). I test drove the car and it was fine, when I went to pick it up later to take home, as soon as I cranked it up, put it in drive, it stopped on me on the LOT !!! I went in to tell them the problem and expressed to them that I don’t want the car anymore they said “we assure you that you are getting a great car and we will get this fixed for you. Our Re-Con Center put a lot of $$ into this car and we will get it fixed for you.”” I agreed and the second day I got it back the fuel pump came loose on my way home from work. I called them

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Address: they towed it to the Re-Con place again and brought it to me the next day. It drove ok for two weeks and it did it again. At this point I was pissed and took the car to drivetime and demanded that they release me from the contract I had just signed two weeks prior and refund me my $$

Website: the rep from Drive time said “” We will send it to recon and have it repaired for you.”” A lil satisfied

Phone: all they were worried about was payment. So I finally got in touch with the District Manager (he was a joke also)who explained to me that they will take the car to Chevy to be repaired

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