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www.dreamstime.com I called the card operator and they gave me this number to locate this theft authorization 09375712489 For three months I have been receiving a bill in the invoice of my card with the name of this company, I did not buy anything in this place, I do not know this site, I have used my card improperly, I requested a refund from the site that claims that it has already done so but I did not receive anything, On the contrary after I have requested cancellation and refund, they have yet to file another bill for the next month, I come to denounce because I feel injured, I demand my money back, I did not buy and I did not request any service in that site | I have already been charged three installments of 39 dollars each, being that I did not buy anything on this site this is a case of police, I feel injured! I got in contact with the company that did nothing, I did not receive any refund, on the contrary they continue to charge me, they already have a portion launch for next month, I do not even know what they sell, I’m from Brazil, I do not know how they used my card number

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By Ronald

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