Email received on 2/20/17 which I did not authorize or purchase anything for this amount and/or product or service.Payment Confirmation for Transaction Ref: BWFQBXQ9Body of Email received states:"Congratulations! This is to confirm that your payment has been completed.Reference No: BWFQBXQ9Channel: GCashMerchant: National Bureau of InvestigationMerchant Txnld: ID58AA55116927U14286031T9717Status: SUCCESSRemarks: (000) GCSH Collect for 09152435995 Txnld 1889807625 #BWFQBXQ9Description: NBI Clearance***THIS IS A SYSTEM GENERATED EMAIL. DO NOT REPLY ***There is a link I could click on (which I did not, fearing a SCAM): "Fo payment specific inquires, you may ‘contact us here"

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