Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants Los Angeles California Review


Dr. Grigoryants DESTROYED my cousinu2019s nose. Unacceptable. Nose was treated like a piece of meat. Internal counterparts yanked off and destroyed so nose doesnu2019t work and looks like a butcher horror!! Doctor kept it a secret he isnu2019t a trained ENT doctor. Important information to keep from the public! He wonu2019t fix his horrendous work. Unfit to work on peopleu2019s noses. Folks think carefully and do research. Make sure your nose surgeon is ENT qualified. America top surgeon certification useless because surgeons can pay to be on this list. Clinic operates like a back street alley, unprofessional! You get couple of minutes with him and no more!! No room to sit because area to sit and wait is crammed full and not enough chairs to sit on. Dr. Operates like a factory conveyor belt, patients in, out so quick. Consultations rushed. Cousin left with butchered looking nose and canu2019t breathe.

1808 Verdugo Blvd suite 403 Los Angeles , California United States

800 540 0508


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