Dr. Susan Intown Smiles – Mean Dentist

This woman is rough, rude, and not at sympathetic towards her patients. I went here because they took m insurance. Aside from a basic teeth cleaning I was considering veneers. I took my kids here, as well. They complained about how painful it was and they begged me not to go back. I figured they were just being kids, but I had an experience of my own. I went in for a routine cleaning and Dr. Susan immediately started to pick at my smile. She said it was a little crooked. I brushed it off and figured she was just trying to sell me on something. It did bother me though. Once she started cleaning, I was getting poked and probed by her on my gums. She cut a line across my gums next to my tongue. It was excruciating. She told me to sit still. The rest of the time I was bleeding, but she ignored it. She kept making comments about how I shouldn’t eat candy or eat anything sticky because I was susceptible to cavities. I had never had this problem before. I never had a cavity in my life. Bottom line after the experience, I decided that there was no way I was going back to her for veneers or bringing my kids here again.

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