Dr. Ron Bannister, OD Pavo Georgia


Complaint: My Father had an accident at work which his employer stated he had a mandatory eye appointment at Eye Savers with Dr. Ron Bannister which was setup by employer. During the visit, Dr. Bannister stated to my dad’s employer and him were really close friends. Dr. Bannister also broke HIPAA telling my dad about his employer’s medical history receiving an nail in eye injury and how it was treated. Then, my dad was told by Dr. Bannister that he had a 20/80 score on his eye test. My dad was shocked because he just had an eye exam not even a month ago which he passed. He told the OD that and then Dr. Bannister changed it hesitantly to a 20/50 score which was still failing. As my dad was leaving, a staff member slipped my dad a note (Nikki Mathews) telling my dad to get a second opinion. The next day my dad had a second opinion done and he passed his eye exam!!! My dad’s employer was trying to fire/get my dad to pay for accident if my dad failed his eye exam since EPA, OSHA, etc got involved.

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Address: 15196 US Highway 19 South Thomasville, Georgia USA


Phone: (229) 228-4770

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