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Complaint: Dr. Pepper/ Snapple Group PO Box 869077 Plano, TX. 75024 1-866-275-786249 Dr. Pepper/ Snapple Group are makers of numerous different types of beverages. They also feel that they are not required or mandated to list all of the ingrediants in their products. Yet consumers want to know what exactly are the ingrediants they are consuming. For example, Dr. Pepper/ Snapple Group are makers of Hawaiian Punch. As a consumer, if I see what is pictured on the label and read what flavor the drink is, then I fully expect to see those ingrediants listed. I had purchased the Berry Limeade Hawaiian Punch. When I checked ingrediants, there was nothing mentioning any berries or limes, and yet the name of the beverage is Berry Limeade. I called Dr. Pepper/ Snapple Group. They were rather rude. I asked them why are these ingrediants are not listed if it mentions in the name and picture of the product. Dr. Pepper/ Snapple Group says that they are not required nor are they mandated to inform consumers of all the ingrediants that go into any of their products. Dr. Pepper/ Snapple Group claims that the berry flavor and lime are in the beverage in question. They claim that those flavors are listed as “Natural Flavors””. The term “”Natural Flavors”” is too vague and does not get to the point. Dr. Pepper/ Snapple Group wants you to buy their product and consume it and buy some more. Yet they don’t fully inform the consumer of the ingrediants their product has in. That seems like a rip-off of basic consumer information. Scott Vancouver

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Phone: PO Box 869077 Plano, Texas U.S.A.

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