Dr. Marc M. Kerner (LA County) Los Angeles California


Complaint: BUTCHER. This surgeon left a humiliating indentation on one side my stomach after liposuction for fat-grafting. He had me come infor a second surgery to correct it (which I paid for!), however the corrective surgery failed and the dent was/is still there. He later brought me in for 20-some treatments with his nurses with a supposed fat-reducing laser, which also did nothing (except waste many hours of my time). I had hoped that over time this dent would even out (as he told me it would), however this was almost 10 years ago and this ugly dent is still there. I never sued.. I should have, but it’s too late now since I know the statute has expired. I have asked his office to settle with me, just to make it right…(so that I can go to another surgeon and fix this) and nothing. He knows what he did! It’s obvious he doesn’t care. If he only knew how much this has damaged me.

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Address: 18350 Roscoe Blvd. Northridge, California USA


Phone: (818) 349-0600

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